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Men used to work with a donkey in ancient times.
The donkey used to be a travel companion and a workmate for life.
Calm is crucial to create open-air activities and the donkey is a loyal friend both in excursions and nature explorations.
Nowadays travelling by donkey is less usual than before, society has changed, so as relations between man and nature. A trip with a donkey could be the best way to see and discover more reflectively and responsibly.
An excursion with a donkey is an easy and joyful way to hike and trek.

Hiking with a donkey

Donkeys can be our travel companions, as they are able to carry weight, respect our times and breaks patiently. They are discreet, devoted, and tireless animals, the ideal friend for our children. This experience will take travellers to discover spontaneous, unique and genuine emotions.

L’ase e lou grich suggests

One-day and planned trips, so as custom-made trip according to the client’s request.
Hiking in the nature for one day only does not require extraordinary weights; your equipment will simply consist of a picnic lunch, water supply and a blanket to lie under the sun. Our trekking trips are available with guide only.

More than one-day trips

Trekking trips planned every year or tailored-made trips meeting customer’s demand, who could check the route and its lengths with us according to the his/her needs, decide to stay in the facilities along the way or to sleep in a tent and take advantage of those facilities just for meals.


This new initiative is aimed at all those who want to explore the Maira Valley in a unique way, at the quiet pace of an animal that will teach you how to observe, think through and often stop for a break. A slow way to hide and trek suitable for families with children but even for the most fit people, who don’t want to be just a presence, but get to know the world around them.

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